$40 First Month

Brand new students In Edmonton can purchase our introductory offer and visit unlimited times in your first month of yoga for only $40. Check out different classes and instructors and start to the feel benefits of frequent practice!

SATTVA Yoga Online

Take your practice anywhere with SATTVA Yoga Online. Offering beginners, bliss, all levels, intermediate plus breathing and meditation, all updated monthly. Sign up for a two week free trial, membership for $9.99 per month.

Pre Natal Yoga $89

A 6 week registered class for expectant mothers to journey deep into the unique experience of pregnancy. Each class will provide postures, breathing and meditation techniques to prepare body and mind for joyful motherhood.

Beginners Yoga $89

Get started with yoga and register in one of our 6-week beginners yoga sessions, a class to give you the proper building blocks for your yoga practice. Learn in a cumulative format and build your practice a steady, progressive pace.

We believe...

That yoga is for everybody. We believe in the power of the individual and his or her ability to heal the body and mind through the practices of yoga. We believe this power of transformative healing is done through the commitment to oneself and that this commitment inspires positive change in our local and global communities.

The SATTVA School of Yoga has been operating in the Edmonton yoga scene for 16 years and we offer beginners, all levels, advanced, and restorative yoga. We train all of our teachers internally through our well known SATTVA Yoga teacher training program, one of the first and oldest training programs in Edmonton. Join us and ….

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Excited to see @kateselizabeth from The SATTVA School of Yoga teaching the last July session of River Valley Yoga tomorrow (July 26th), 6pm at Victoria Park Oval. #yegyoga

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SATTVA Yoga Online: sattvayogaonline.tv
Catch a class from wherever you are in the world, ranging from beginner to intermediate, pranayama and meditation.

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I get by with a little little help from my friends! ...

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"Today is Guru Purnima - a special day to honour and celebrate the teacher. It is said that to find your teacher in this lifetime is very auspicious... a continuation of a continuation of your journey as a spiritual being and one of the greatest blessings that can be bestowed upon the student. The teacher is the one who has accepted selflessly the task of ushering you from darkness into light, from ignorance into understanding, under guidance and grace ... continuously reflecting you back to yourself all for the sake of your personal evolution as you navigate the tricky waters of samskara on your way towards liberation". Written by our dearest Jade Ponech, photograph by Craig Knox. ...

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SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
I get by with a little little help from my friends! https://t.co/TsSmERSIJt 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
"Today is Guru Purnima - a special day to honour and celebrate the teacher. It is said that to find your teacher... https://t.co/7szj0i3aot 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Check out Rameen's article on meditation for Wanderlust! https://t.co/e8qIOPaerq 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Friday vibes - meditation medication: dissolving the distractions, making space for stillness. https://t.co/gc0ZJDj0wb 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
'There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in'. [Leonard Cohen] We're breaking wide open, to... https://t.co/1rIglsN9jw 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Yogi bears, we're looking for creative individuals interested in joining our graphic and web design team.... https://t.co/1GJOJ1HmWQ