Dedication to Meditation

For the entire month of June we will be committing to our practice and taking on a one month dedication to meditation. The challenge is to meditate once per day, ideally morning and night. Rameen will be leading a special group meditation class on June 1 at 7:30pm. Sign up for the month is at reception!

200 Hour Teacher Trainings

We are really excited to announce that Rameen is running a teacher training in Edmonton and Regina this year. We are offering a 7-weekend module format in Edmonton, and one month intensive in Regina. These trainings are for aspiring students and teachers. ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW!

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Inversions Workshop

Join Andy on Sunday June 6th for a workshop to explore these sometimes intimidating poses that will challenge and deepen your practice. Starting with the more foundational and moving into the more advanced, Andy will walk you through all the steps so that you can take on your practice with confidence!

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Wednesday Satsang & Meditation

Join us each week on Wednesday for a satsang and meditation class with Rameen where we follow inspired discussion about yoga and seal it with group meditation, instruction and techniques. No prior experience with meditation or yoga is required.

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$40 Introductory

Brand new students can purchase our introductory offer and get the first month of unlimited yoga for only $40. Try out all of our classes, meet our teacher, and join our community!

$105 Monthly Unlimited Yoga!

Sign up for an auto-renewing monthly unlimited membership for $105 each month. Initial 3-month commitment required to start the auto-pay. (Student $89 per month).

$89 Beginner Courses

Get started with your yoga practice today. Register online with one of our 6-week beginners yoga courses. Learn in a cumulative format and build your practice at a steady, progressive pace.

200 hour SATTVA Yoga Teacher Training

Rameen's teacher training certification program is a course to deepen your understanding of yoga & integrate SATTVA Yoga into daily life. Offered in either a 1 month intensive or 8 month format.

We Believe...

In the power of the individual and their ability to heal the body and mind. We believe this power of transformative healing is done through the commitment to oneself and that this commitment inspires positive change in our local and global communities. Join us and ….

What is SATTVA Yoga?

Founded by Rameen Peyrow, SATTVA is dedicated to inspiring practitioners to use the balance found from within their practice and to live from that place of inspired potential that exists within all of us... We use 4 guiding principles: the body, breath, mind, and stillness with hatha & raja yoga as our foundation.


We want to bring health and well-being into the body. We do this by using a series of dynamic movements or physical postures that stimulate the major systems of the body bringing it into balance.


At the SATTVA School of Yoga we put a strong emphasis on the breath and breathing techniques. The breath strengthens and purifies the nervous system and bridges the gap between the mind-body connection.


In the SATTVA Yoga practice we focus on the importance of meditation to ground and focus the mind on what is truly important in one's life. Meditation will help to calm and relax the mind so that we can truly rest into a balanced state


Stillness is that comfortable space found within the body, breath and mind where everything is balanced, where everything is harmonious and perfect. Stillness leads us to our true intelligence and wisdom.

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