Teen Yoga

Jess is offering a yogini camp in August for teens! This 5 day workshop is a fun and supportive environment for teens and pre-teens to explore the practice of yoga and share it with others as they build community.

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Transitions Workshops

Join Jess for our new transitions workshops. Offered once each month, this workshop will give you a solid foundation to step into the all levels classes with confidence. All students welcome!

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SATTVA Yoga Online

We are really excited to announce that SATTVA Yoga Online is ready to launch very soon! Instructional videos on monthly sequences, asana, breathing and meditation techniques, anatomy, and much much more! Stay tuned for details on this very exciting addition.

Labour Day

Please note the following classes will be cancelled for Labour Day long weekend: Sunday, August 3rd 4pm & 7pm, Monday, August 4th 6:15am & 9am.

$40 Introductory

Brand new students can purchase our introductory offer and get the first month of unlimited yoga for only $40. Try out all of our classes, meet our teacher, and join our community!

$99 Auto-pay Monthly Unlimited

Sign up for an auto-renewing monthly unlimited membership for $99 each month. Initial 3-month commitment required to start the auto-pay. (Student $79 per month).

$59 Registered Beginner Yoga Classes

Get started with your yoga practice today. Register online with one of our month-long beginners yoga courses. Learn in a cumulative format and build your practice at a steady pace.

YOGA Talks with Rameen

Rameen’s yoga talks are an opportunity to go deeper into the dimensions of Yoga with a more philosophical conversation. See previous talks on video here.

We Believe...

In the power of the individual and their ability to heal the body and mind. We believe this power of transformative healing is done through the commitment to oneself and that this commitment inspires positive change in our local and global communities. Join us and ….

What is SATTVA Yoga?

Founded by Rameen Peyrow, SATTVA is dedicated to inspiring practitioners to use the balance found from within their practice and to live from that place of inspired potential that exists within all of us... We use 4 guiding principles: the body, breath, mind, and stillness with hatha & raja yoga as our foundation.


We want to bring health and well-being into the body. We do this by using a series of dynamic movements or physical postures that stimulate the major systems of the body bringing it into balance.


At the SATTVA School of Yoga we put a strong emphasis on the breath and breathing techniques. The breath strengthens and purifies the nervous system and bridges the gap between the mind-body connection.


In the SATTVA Yoga practice we focus on the importance of meditation to ground and focus the mind on what is truly important in one's life. Meditation will help to calm and relax the mind so that we can truly rest into a balanced state


Stillness is that comfortable space found within the body, breath and mind where everything is balanced, where everything is harmonious and perfect. Stillness leads us to our true intelligence and wisdom.

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UNIFY FESTIVAL Tomorrow Sunday July 27th Oasis Centre What we love is conscious living, yoga, good food,... 
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Guys, the Luminaries and Kaminanda music show to finish off the day is FREE for everyone! Come! 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
SATTVA Yoga Online We are really excited to announce that SATTVA Yoga Online is ready to launch very soon!... 
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So much SATTVA being spread across western Canada! Andrew and Afheen will be hosting a SATTVA LOVE MOVEMENT... 
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Lovers of Wednesday! We have so many choices for you to get your savasana on. 6:15am SATTVA with Andy 9am SATTVA... 
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Yogini Teen Camp This camp is designed to provide a fun and supportive environment for teen and pre-teen girls... 
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Our brother, Afsheen, celebrated his birthday this weekend and we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU, for... 
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"We are that which transcends, creates, and sustains the world and again withdraws it into its infinite and... 
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Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic sleep, promotes a deep state of conscious rest with full awareness. Within this...