$40 First Month Unlimited

Brand new students can purchase our introductory offer and visit unlimited times in your first month for only $40. Check out different classes and instructors, and start to the feel benefits of frequent practice!

SATTVA Yoga Online

Take your practice anywhere with SATTVA Yoga Online. Offering beginners, bliss, all levels, intermediate, breathing and meditation updated monthly. Sign up for a two week free trial, membership for $9.99 per month.

Pre Natal Yoga $89

A 6 week registered class for expectant mothers to journey deep into the unique experience of pregnancy. Each class will provide postures, breathing and meditation techniques to prepare body and mind for joyful motherhood.

Beginners Yoga $89

Get started with yoga and register in one of our 6-week beginners yoga sessions, a class to give you the proper building blocks for your yoga practice. Learn in a cumulative format and build your practice a steady, progressive pace.

We Believe...

In the power of the individual and their ability to heal the body and mind. We believe this power of transformative healing is done through the commitment to oneself and that this commitment inspires positive change in our local and global communities. Join us and ….

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SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Generally speaking, there's usually A LOT of facial hair around the SATTVA School! Join us tomorrow at 7:30pm for... https://t.co/C0VkD596P1 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
With all the noise about Black Friday taking over the airwaves, this girl is holding it down for Whyte Friday: a... https://t.co/HBmQLOW92s 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
CALGARY friends! Rameen is teaching in your town one-week today, Thursday, December 3. Expect a serious amount of... https://t.co/pDerX0tyq2 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
WHYTE FRIDAY: Join sweet Hajia this Friday, November 27 from 7-10pm at the SATTVA School to experience the... https://t.co/ayaQkgFKVx 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Andy is home and Luca will be on the decks - it's high vibrations around the SATTVA School and today's Sunday... https://t.co/m0czTqb6rh 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
THE METHOD: This weekend's workshop is nearly filled! Rameen Peyrow is the founder of the SATTVA School and the... https://t.co/fYhByI13HJ 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
Wednesday! and it's already feeling THIS GOOD! Andy is back in the house, teaching at noon and Rameen is leading... https://t.co/g9KuwUH7iD 
SATTVA School YEG  @sattvaschoolyeg
We're half way through this mustache-growing month and the 'staches are looking good! Hope to see you in class on... https://t.co/GOZSRfcKRm